Become a Constant Commenter

comment on blogsIt may sometimes seem like you spend too much time online. However, if your business is operated primarily through websites or transactions require email verifications, this could be a necessary evil. The internet can be viewed as either a huge time thief, damaging to productivity or as the most efficient way to stay in touch with your consumer base.
One of the best things about using the internet is the ability to connect with people who share the same passions, and also to learn something fascinating and new almost everyday. One of the best ways to do either of these things is to join and become a regular poster in a forum of your choice.

It’s amazing the connections you can make in a forum. Also, finding some interesting blogs to follow is a great way to connect with people from all over the world. If you’re nervous about chiming in, don’t be!  Introduce yourself, tell your fellow forum members a little about yourself, and before long you could be having some great and inspiring conversations.


A blog is a means of conversation and expression. When you post comments or answer the posts of others, you’re entering a dialogue you couldn’t have had otherwise. If someone has referred you to a particular blog, make sure to reference that person when you post your first comment. If the sheer number of blogs you’re interested in overwhelms you, subscribe to the RSS feeds of your favorites so a feed reader can help you view updates.


Business forums are places where you can get useful knowledge about running your business, solving specific problems and be able to interact with like minded people.  But remember that a forum is designed so that everyone can benefit from it.  Meaning that you can get the information that you are looking for and you should contribute any information that you have whenever possible. Don’t go to a forum just to promote yourself.  People will know this immediately, and you will probably be called out on it or even banned from the forum.

Be respectful of the forum and abide by their rules.  Comment whenever you have something to contribute.  Ask questions, give advice and get involved. Always be friendly and courteous.

Make sure that you are using your signature line to promote your website. Adding comments to blogs and forums allows others to see that you are involved and will give you a chance to meet others who have similar interests. As people get to know and trust you, they may click on your link and recommend your site to others. Some may even offer helpful hints about your site that can help you move along.  You wouldn’t have received those tips if you did not participate in the forum.

Check your favorite related forums and blogs often to see if anything interesting has been posted.  If you find something, make a comment.  Make sure that when you make a comment, that it pertains to the post that you are commenting on.  Try not to say things like “hello” or “good job”.  Expand on any ideas in the post, give your opinion, say what you like or don’t like about it.  Make your comment informative and interesting.

Commenting on forums and blogs is a great way to make yourself known and to show that you are involved.  Fellow visitors will begin to click on your signature line link as they get to know about you.  The more they see your comments, the more comfortable they will feel about interacting with you and seeing what you are all about.