A Look at Mobile Blogging

Mobile blogging is publishing blog entries from your mobile phone. This allows you to stay in touch with your followers and upload pictures from wherever you happen to be at the time.

Blogs of all kinds are beneficial for business owners. You are almost certainly an expert at whatever business you are in. Sharing the information with others is one way to become an “internet expert”.

Building an online reputation through blogging has allowed many people to go on to become successful authors. Others are making a living through the advertising their blog attracts.

Of course, lots of people do it just for fun. There’s nothing wrong with that. It could be your hobby.

Many of us look at it like this. Why not let your hobby make money for you?

Career counselors say that you should choose to do something for a living that you would do for free. Writers will write whether they get paid or not. These days, the phrase should be bloggers will blog.

It doesn’t take much to get started blogging. Some hosts allow you to set up an account and start writing for free.

Marketing research indicates that the free sites don’t get much visibility. No matter your motive, you want people to see your mobile blogs. Otherwise, it’s not really worth doing.

In the internet world, your visibility has to do with how high you rank in the search engines. Full-blown websites have always ranked higher than blogs. But, things are changing.

Because of websites like Twitter and Facebook, you really don’t have to worry about the search engines as much. You can get hundreds of followers or “friends” just by requesting them.

You might be trying to attract more than just a few hundred people to your business. Mobile blogs might help you do that. It just depends on the popularity of the information you provide.
Travel photos are very popular. People love looking at tourist attractions from around the world. They may never get a chance to see them in real life, but they can see them online.

Some phones are better than others. You will need an internet connection, obviously. You might want a larger than average keyboard, unless you are adept at texting. The quality of the photos the phone takes is another consideration.

Whether you do it for business or pleasure, mobile blogging is fun. Look at a few that are already online if you need some ideas.