Define Target Market

Define Your Target Market

Target MarketIdentifying your target market is a critical first step in any successful marketing campaign. This process will usually require research focusing on some key factors that would relate to your product or service.


  • Geographic Location: Are you looking for local customers, a specific region, or national?
  • Demographics: Looks at age, gender, occupation, level of education, etc…
  • Lifestyle: Attitudes, lifestyle, etc…
  • Niche: Interests, hobbies, needs, etc…


You can then refine these factors into smaller segments and also explore additional factors. After you have collected all of your data, analyze the information to paint a picture of your ideal client.


Two sources used for gathering data are:


Identify your target market first, and then build your marketing campaign around that customer. It is critical to take the time to complete this process and define your target market. Missing this step can have a devastating effect on the outcome of your targeted marketing campaign.