Creating Affiliate Sales Pages Is Easier Than You Might Think

You can create affiliate sales pages in a matter of minutes.  But, to create effective ones that actually sell the product, you might want to take a little more time.

With the software available today, anyone, regardless of their expertise or their background, can create a webpage quickly and easily.  There is no longer any need to understand HTML or other codes.  The programs are referred to as WYSIWYG or what you see is what you get.  In terms of user-friendliness, there is nothing better.

It is a good idea to learn enough code to create back links, but some sites, such as social networking sites, automatically create hyperlinks out of website addresses.  Your e-mail provider probably allows for a simple method of creating a hyperlink, too.  So, even learning the code for creating hyperlinks or hop-links is not essential.

Software like SBI and XSitePro include templates.  Templates are simply patterns.  When it comes to website patterns, a template would usually include the header, footer and side panels.

Most programs allow you to customize the colors and other basic elements.  The advantages of using templates include time savings and cohesiveness for multi-page sites.  The only disadvantage is that you may eventually see other affiliate sales pages.  But, with the number of different templates available, even that is unlikely.

Whether you decide to use a template or create a page from scratch, it is ultimately the content that sells your product.  Where does the content come from?  Unless you want to hire a copywriter, you create the content.

Websites with no content get very low rankings in the search engines.  Regardless of how many incoming or outgoing links on a site, if there is no content, the spiders and bots record that fact.  The fact is used to calculate a ranking for the site.

So, you should really only create affiliate sales pages for products with which you are familiar.  Some companies provide content that affiliates can use for their page, but that also has a negative effect on the search engine rankings.  Duplicate content gets a lower ranking.

Readers like to know who you are.  So, it helps to include a photo of yourself and a little information about why the reader should listen to you.

Most readers have a relatively short attention span.  They spend no more than 60 seconds on a page, on average.  So, you need to get your point across quickly.

In order to be successful with your affiliate sales pages, you need to become an expert on the product.  Your reader will be able to tell the difference.