Creating Titles and Headlines that Draw Traffic to Your Website

When you see people perusing magazines on racks, when they find one they want to read, they are not reading every article inside. They look for headlines and titles that catch their eye. The same goes for websites on the Internet. You can learn to write titles that will have visitors stopping in for a spell.

Title Basics

A title is not just a little blurb at the top of your content. That title can be used to further optimize your page. Here is an example. If your website page is about chocolate (a sweet and reoccurring example), the content needs to relate to confections. But, your title doesn’t have to be simply “chocolate.”

A well-optimized title will include some or all of the following:

  • Keywords – You have yet another place on your webpage that keywords can be used to help improve your rankings. If you choose keywords carefully, you can match a phrase that most people are going to use.
  • Hook – What is going to entice people to keep reading? Tell them what they will get. “How to Make Chocolate Strawberries” is interesting. Readers know just what they will be learning. Using numbers is even better. “5 Ways to Melt Chocolate” let’s readers know that they don’t have too much to read and that you will lay it all out for them.
  • Focus – Don’t take up two lines with your title. Use as few words as possible that will appeal to readers and also include a keyword or a keyword phrase. To reinforce that title, use that keyword again in the first sentence of the opening paragraph.

Even if you have titles on articles you would also benefit from a headline on your webpage. The article is just one portion of the information contained on your webpage. Don’t forget that headlines can be optimized as well.

  • Font size – Your headline needs to stand out from the rest of the information on the page. Use a larger bolder font but nothing too flowery. You want readers to see it not grimace at it.
  • Use keywords – What is the page essentially about? Use that keyword so readers know what all of the information will pertain to.
  • Use a link – When someone runs their mouse across the headline they will realize that it is clickable. It can link to the homepage, your site map or anywhere else on your site that would be helpful to visitors.

Titles and headlines are front and center on your page. Make them eye-catching and enticing so visitors will stay and read more.

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