Get Targeted Traffic Using Article Directories

Most people that search the internet are looking for information.  When you provide the information that they want, you can lead visitors back to your website repeatedly. If you are a writer or blogger, you can use your skill to promote your website through article directories.

Article directories are sites where writers, companies, and bloggers submit articles based on a specific niche. Website owners can visit article directories to find useful content in their niche. Web surfers can also find this content during their topic searches.

As a website owner, you can use article directories to funnel targeted traffic back to your website.  Get into a regular routine of posting your own content in these directories  The process is not hard as long as you follow the submission guidelines of the directory.  Note that while most article directories have rules that are similar, make sure to read the rules of each directory as some directories may be different.

The simplest way to create content is to write about something that you know about or you have experience – your niche market. Within those parameters you have plenty to work with. You can write about business ideas: starting a business in your niche, defining your niche and promoting your business. More articles will probably be generated on your business focus. For example, if your focus was fishing: Titles such as “What lures to use for Smallmouth Bass” or “How to catch Crappie” would be great topics.

Driving Traffic To Your Site

  • Make sure your articles have an engaging headline. Include the same keywords that you use on your website. Articles that include bulleted points or steps are always an eye catcher. The reason is that bullets or numbered steps are easy to skim or read quickly. The quicker the reader can get the information, the better.
  • Use keywords throughout the article. For an article of 400-500 words, a particular keyword can be mentioned about five or six times to be effective and not considered “keyword stuffing.” If you are using multiple keywords, you may want to write a separate article for each.  Note: Don’t sacrifice the readability and quality of your article by overdoing it with keywords.  Use common sense.
  • Submit your content to popular article directories. Some people may have their favorite sites like or to find helpful information. There they can search within the site to find helpful articles for a particular topic. If they find your article in the directory and it gives them some of the information that they need, they may look for other articles that you have written. Once they have some information from you they can use and trust, the chances of them following through to your website to learn more increase.
  • Use your bio or signature box. This is an extremely valuable tool for free website promotion when writing and submitting articles to directories. Here, you have a chance to tell readers what you want them to know about you and your business. Best of all, you can include links to your website here for readers to follow.  And on top of that, you’ve just created a back-link to your site.

Even with the increase of audio and video as promotional tools, written content is still king on the web. Submitting quality content to popular article directories is a great way to get targeted traffic to your website.