Getting Free Targeted Traffic Through Article Marketing

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If you say the words “Free Traffic” to an internet marketer, you’ve got their attention.  If you say “Free Targeted Traffic” , you have their undivided attention.  The success of any internet marketer is usually measured by the amount of traffic that their website receives.

If they can insure that their traffic is targeted toward their niche, their visitors are more likely to return to the website, bookmark it, or even purchase something.  So, the key is not only to direct traffic to their website, but to get visitors that are already interested in their niche and may be looking for information or the products that they offer.

One of the best ways to get this free targeted traffic is through the power of “article marketing”.  You first must create quality content in an article.  The article must provide information that your visitors will be interested in, and that is in line with your niche.  The article creation part is where most people stumble.  If you are a writer, you will certainly have an idea of how to at least get started with your article.  But, most marketers are not writers.  They may be intimidated by the task and not know where to start.

One viable option may be to outsource the writing of their articles, but there will be a fee involved, and they just lost the most important part of the equation which is “Free Traffic”. Many marketers use outsourcing to keep a fresh inventory of articles coming in.  If you are a blogger, you need a constant supply of content to keep your blog fresh.  Outsourcing is a business expense, so it is completely justifiable.

However, if you are in a business that requires fresh content, it would benefit you to be able to create your own articles.  Your articles will reflect your own style and personality.   So, we return to the “Free Targeted Traffic” model, which is accomplished by creating your own niche oriented articles and submitting them to the various article directories.

Besides the fact that it is free, article marketing builds credibility.  After you have created, published and submitted several articles on your niche subject, people will begin to view you as an expert on the subject.  This will build trust with your readers and may be the beginning of new relationships.  Once your articles are published, either on your blog or with articles directories, they are available, 24/7 , to anyone searching on the web.  That is a big audience!

So, like anything new, you must first get started.  Identify your niche, locate subtopics in your niche and come up with a good title for your article.  Find some keywords that pertain to your topic that you can include in your article. Then, do some internet research to get additional information about your topic and start to put it into your own words.  Take it one paragraph at a time and start to create your article.  Don’t put a time limit on yourself, and keep at it.  Before long, you will have created your first article.

Publish your article to your blog, or submit it to popular article directories such or Then rinse and repeat the process.

There are many software products available that simplify the task of creating articles and then marketing them.  You can do a Google search for “article marketing software” and you will find a bunch.  The only article marketing software product that we successfully use for our marketing campaign and that we can recommend is called Article Architect.

This software allows us to:

  • Create unlimited articles
  • Save time by simplifying the process
  • Publish our articles to WordPress
  • Research, target, and save specific keywords
  • Track the articles progress – articles submitted, page views, etc…
  • Easily submit our articles to directories
  • Brainstorm an article title
  • Easily rewrite articles

So, if you have been wanting to incorporate article marketing into your internet business, there is no better time than now.  Get started, either with the help of article marketing software, or by doing it on your own.  Article marketing is the best way to get “Free Targeted Traffic” to your blog or website.

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