How Important Are Reader Relationships?

What are some effective ways that you can use to build trust with others? You must first learn about them and get to know them. Of course, it is much easier to do this in person, but with a little effort, this can also be accomplished on the web. But, why would we go to all of that trouble?

Building quality relationships with your readers is a very important part of your business. The main goal of our website is to make a profit. To achieve this you will need to direct traffic to your site. But, you will need more than just random visitors.

Let’s take a look at this scenario. You have launched a fantastic new product. You create a massive advertising campaign to market your product. This results in an increase in your unique visitors by 100% (quite possible) and a huge jump in sales, just in the first few months of the launch.

Please realize that this staggering bump in one time sales is short lived. Let’s say that you made record profits in each of those first few months. It still would not carry your business through the remainder of the year when you experience decreased traffic due to the fact that you had no returning customers. That is no way to operate and grow a successful thriving business.

A better way would be to establish a flow of repeat customers each month. You accomplish that by building relationships with every one of them. You don’t have to be on a first name basis with them, but you need to pay attention to them and give them a reason to return.

Your readers are more than just random visitors coming to read your latest article, they are searching for information, help or something else. They may be interested in what you have to offer, but if they don’t feel appreciated, they probably won’t hang around.

Let’s look at a few reasons why reader relationships are so important to your business:

  • Everybody has friends. Every visitor to your website has a sphere of influence with a certain group of people. If you can build a relationship with them, you can tap into their sphere, connect with new people and multiply your efforts.
  • Profitability. If you can establish trust with your visitor, you are more likely to be able to convert them into a customer. A good relationship can also keep them coming back as a repeat customer.
  • Making connections. You never know who you will meet when establishing relationships with your customers. You may connect with another online business owner who can provide organic back-links to your website. You may be asked to write a guest post for a fellow blogger. People who frequently add social bookmarks to your website content can help to boost you to expert status.

Building relationships with your readers involves getting to know them, finding out about them, learning what they want, and interacting with them. Give them a reason to trust you and let them know that you appreciate the fact that they visited your site. Like most things, it’s easy to do and also easy not to do. So take action and start connecting.