Affiliate Marketing —The Basics

If you want to learn affiliate marketing or why you should consider it, you’ve come to the right place for information. First of all, we become affiliate marketers for many different reasons.
To some of us, it is important to work from home, because we have kids or have simply gotten tired of the morning commute. Many of us become affiliate marketers because we like the idea of creating a passive stream of income.

Although that might not be why we got started, the passive income is certainly a nice bonus. But, if you want to learn how to affiliate yourself with companies that pay nice commissions for a single sale, you might not understand what we mean by “passive income”. So, let’s look at that first.

Basically, we do a little work in the beginning and then we continue to earn from that work, as time goes by. We make more if we continue to work, by promoting a website or writing blog posts that link to it. But, you really can’t call that work.

The most successful marketers are those that have a real love for writing or sharing information. We continue to get the word out there about the products that we love. But, if we need or want to take a few weeks off, our websites continue to earn money, passively.

Now, in order to become affiliate marketers, you will all need websites or blogs of your own. You can start a blog for free. So, that’s how a lot of us got started. The idea of starting your own business, with no investment, other than your time, is appealing. Don’t you think?

As time goes by, you may decide to register a domain name and build a “real” website. That costs a little money. You pay a fee to register the name. You find a web-hosting service or you learn how to host yourself. It’s easier to find a hosting service and the fees they charge are very low.

Some may say that you should learn how to build websites before you learn how to affiliate market. But, building websites is easy these days. The new software is easy to use, requires no understanding of HTML or any other kind of code.

Any of you reading this article could become affiliate marketers, if you wanted to, in a very short time. The “rules” vary a little from one company to the next. Some of them require that you have a website, up and running. They don’t accept referrals from the free blogs.

So, find a program or product that you like. Hopefully, it will be one that you know a little something about. Sign up for a free blog and start writing about something that relates to it. Then sign up for the program. Read all of the rules and follow their guidelines.

In short, that’s how to affiliate yourself with a company and start earning commissions for driving business to their site. Why not get started today?
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