How to Choose a Website Host without Sacrificing SEO Strategies

When you set up your website for business, your primary concern is getting up and running. You may ask friends who hosts their websites to help you decide who to go with. But, choosing the right website host can help with your SEO marketing strategies.

What to Look for in a Website Host

There are tons of website hosts out there. Some are free and some require a fee. When you are looking for real estate for your business, you don’t want to go with the free options. They would be good for those who are producing websites for family and friends or maybe even some affiliate mini sites but not for a full-fledged business enterprise. There are too many limitations.

What kind of server do they have? The server is where all of the information is stored. A server needs hosts websites for the hosting company. When someone wants to access a page on your website, the server lets you access it. More powerful servers are faster at their job and pages appear in seconds for your visitors.

One of the most popular servers is Apache. Apache is open source which means that it is free for web hosts. Also it supports a number of applications including content management systems and blogging platforms. If you use Joomla or WordPress, you are using an Apache-based server.

One problem that users of free hosting services run into is lack of bandwidth. They won’t be able to upload files, videos, audios and the other Internet marketing tools used to increase your site’s salability. You will be limited in what you can do. Once your site is up and you are promoting it, changing hosts midstream can be a nightmare.

Why is this Important?

Search engine optimization involves a lot of different aspects. You will be optimizing content for your site and uploading it to many different web pages. You don’t want to be limited in the number of web pages that you can create either. Each page represents a unique URL and a different keyword that you are focusing on.

You may be the one designing your website or a website designer. You don’t want to be limited by your platform as to what you can so. Changing templates for different times of the year or just to fit the way you want to conduct business are important. The wrong web host can make this difficult to tweak templates to be more SEO friendly.

Also, with free hosting you probably won’t have full administrative control of your website. You can add files to prevent spamming on your blog (and you can add one with better web hosting) and also to capture website stats or place a web counter on your site pages. Just having enough access to edit content on your site is not enough.

When you are in the planning stages for your business, don’t forget to consider web hosting and its impact on your SEO strategies. Choosing the right one can make all the difference.

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