How To Find Expert Copywriting

If you need expert copywriting, you might contact an advertising firm or marketing agency.  Until recently, that is where most copywriters worked.  Today, it may be easier to find a freelancer or contractor.

The internet has made it easier for freelancer writers to connect directly with people that need their services.  In years past, most freelancers worked part time for newspapers and magazines.  Now, many of them have their own flourishing businesses.

This is great news for you, if you happen to be a small business owner.  Going through an advertising agency is more expensive.  It may not be possible to deal with the writer directly when you go through a firm.  That could lead to misunderstandings about exactly what you want.

Hiring a writer to work for your company would be an expensive option.  Depending on the amount of copy that you need, you probably have no need for a full-time writer.

Freelancers work on a contractual basis.  You contact them concerning the amount of copy that you need.  They give you a price and a completion date.  When the contract is fulfilled, you have no obligation to hire them for more work.  So, it is the simplest solution for most small business owners.

If you are looking for internet copywriting, you might be interested in hiring an SEO writer.  SEO stands for “search engine optimization”.  When done correctly, SEO writing helps to ensure that your website will be among the first results returned when a web user types in a search term.

You could be looking for a “content writer”.  Authors that write informational, rather than promotional copy sometimes prefer to be referred to as content writers.  SEO can be used for informational or promotional material.

It bears mentioning that “copy writing” is not the same as “copyrighting”.  Since the terms are very similar, they are often confused.  A copyrighter is a professional that works in copyright law, helping people to protect their original works from plagiarism.

Another option for those of you that need internet copywriting and SEO is to do it yourself.  You might not think that you have the skills necessary to write your own copy.  But, most business owners are experts.  Who knows more about the products that you sell or the services that you offer than you do?

There are software programs that can help you learn the basics of search engine optimization, too.  With the right program, you could be doing your own expert copywriting.  Now, you have something new to think about.