How to Trick Out Your Entire Website Using Stats

Your website is a gold mine. It can take your business from so-so to WOW! All you need to do is learn how to use your statistical information to help you get it done.

Website stats tell you a variety of things. You can find out where your products are booming and busting. You can learn what visitors like and dislike about your site. Are your keywords working? That can be explained also.

The sum total of your website is not content. While content is still king when it comes to providing useful information, it is just one aspect that can be optimized on your site. So much has been written about keyword optimization in content that some might wrongly believe it is the only important part of website optimization.

That is what we are really talking about here – website optimization. Start with the content but don’t leave it there. Search engines bots will crawl the entire page for keywords not just your content. Let’s take a look at other options for tricking out that website and making it sell itself.

Anchor Text – Anchor text is the text that is displayed over hyperlinks on your content. If your article refers to information found elsewhere on your site, don’t just say “click here” to find more information, use keywords from that page as your anchor text. Not only are you getting credit for the keyword but it links to another page that also is keyword optimized (or it will be once you are done).

Picture Text – People love pictures especially on websites and shopping carts. It can be a big mistake to buy sight unseen. Each picture can have a tag associated with it. When someone runs across the picture with their mouse, they can again see relevant keywords for that page.

Links to Other Website Pages – One technique for creating your webpage is to list what services you offer or what your product can do on the homepage. That homepage can be doing more. If you have dedicated a separate page to each unique feature, place those links on the homepage as well. In your list of product features, use keyword-rich anchor text to describe them and have each description link to a different page. Search engines love that.
Are you getting the idea? Your website can be more exciting to the search engine crawlers with just a few changes.

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