Little Known Ways to Explode Your Business through Viral Marketing with Free Reports

What was the last purchase that you made? It may have been a book, CD, or even a car. Before you made the purchase, you probably did some research to find out more about it. However, if the product was recommended to you by someone based on their experience with the product, you would probably be much more likely to make the purchase. Yes, referrals are worth their weight in gold. Applying this concept to your business can be very rewarding as this word-of-mouth technique also works online. It is called viral marketing. And you can get your own viral campaigns rolling by offering free reports.

When we refer to free reports, we are talking about are special reports. These small reports are primarily around five to ten pages in length. They consist of a wealth of information on your readers topic of interest. The key is to make sure that the topic has something to do with your business niche.

Viral advertising usually only works when the product that you offer has a broad appeal. This means that people that see it will want to share it with others. It can be a unique spin on an old topic, something amusing or interactive. With reports, they can present a new way to look at an idea, make someone laugh and bring about thoughtful discussion.

So, where can you find a report like that? Well, you are going to create and write it. You don’t have to be a professional writer to create a free report worth reading. The fact that you know a lot about your niche is going to be your greatest tool. Your passionate about your business and whatever you write must convey that passion. The most interesting reports are the ones that offer something that the reader needs or doesn’t already know about.

What is your goal with the free report? It can be increasing your list, creating bigger sales or even getting the reader to sign up for some other free service like subscribing to a newsletter or a trial membership to a service that you provide. Defining your goal will help you to create your landing page. This is where you promote your free report and give the reader reasons why they need to opt-in to get it.

Your free report can create a viral storm but you need to let people know that it is available. It’s similar to using promotion to help you get people interested in a product or service that will further promote your website. It sounds kind of complicated but actually isn’t at all.

Let’s talk about article marketing? That’s when you write articles about subjects in your niche and submit them to article directories. At the bottom of the article, you’ll include a link in your signature box that leads to your website. With the free reports, you’ll write articles about the same topic as the report and link to your landing page so that when readers are interested in your article, they can find your free report.

What about your existing customers? They have already purchased products from you and you have gained their trust. Email them with the link to your landing page. Also send the link to people that you know, and if you have an affiliate program, send the link to your affiliates.

People like to get freebies, but they also need to provide value. Use thought-provoking free reports to jumpstart a viral marketing campaign and increase traffic to your website.