Looking for an Easy Way to Track ClickBank Affiliates? Here’s a Solution!

Buy easyClickmateAre you a vendor who is looking for an easy way to track ClickBank affiliates? If so, I have good news for you. In this article, I am going to tell you about an affiliate management tool that can make your job a lot easier. It can help you make the best use of your ClickBank account and maximize your profits. Interested to know more? Let us get started with the article.

The tool I am talking about is easyClickMate. What can it do for you? Let me tell you.

Easy affiliate tracking

A lot of ClickBank vendors, particularly people with hundreds of affiliates, find it very difficult to keep track of their affiliates. If you are one of them, easyClickMate can make your life a lot easier. It allows you to manage your affiliates very easily. You can get details like sales, traffic, click-throughs, and conversion ratio at the click of a button.

Sell multiple products from multiple websites

If you have multiple products, you do not have to put all of them on a single page. With easyClickMate, you can get a unique affiliate URL for each product. So, affiliates can send visitors to a particular product page instead of a page that contains links to all your products. It makes it incredibly easy for both your affiliates and your customers.

One account, multiple sales

One of the biggest advantages of using easyClickMate is that all your affiliates and sales are linked to a single account. This makes it easy for you to track ClickBank affiliates.

Advanced affiliate link

The software allows your affiliates to send visitors to a neutral site as opposed to an affiliate page. What this means is that your affiliates will be able to convince even people who do not like to click on affiliate links. Moreover, this can be a great way to attract super affiliates who usually like to send visitors to their own custom made opt in page or squeeze page.

User friendly features

One of the reasons why easyClickMate is rated highly is that it is a very simple, easy affiliate tracking tool. You can get any details you want, activate or inactivate any feature, and change the settings and customize the program with just a few clicks.

Ban time-wasters

Do you find that certain people buy stuff from your affiliates only to request a refund a few minutes later? Do you also find that this often happens with people from certain parts of the world? If you do, you can simply ban people from those countries using easyClickMate and prevent them from ordering your product. What this means is that your affiliates do not have to spend their time and effort on such people and instead focus on legitimate customers.

Affiliate management made easy

Once your affiliates register with you, you will have a plethora of data like names, email ids, nicknames, joining date, and many, many more. It not only makes it easy for you to track ClickBank affiliates, but also helps you build an army of loyal affiliates quickly. What is even better is that your affiliates can log in any time they want to view the statistics.

From what I have seen and heard so far, I can say that easyClickMate is a powerful, competitively-priced, easy affiliate tracking tool that can be very useful for anyone who wants to track and manage his affiliates effectively. It also comes with a money-back-guarantee. So, it is definitely worth giving a try.