Make Extra Cash By Selling On eBay

If you are looking for a way to make some extra cash, eBay could be the answer. Others have been successful with a profitable eBay business and so can you. Realistically, how much money can you make on eBay? The answer depends on what you sell and how earnest you are about the process.

What to sell on eBay

eBay has a list of restricted items on their website under Seller Resources. Become familiar with this list before you decide what to sell. If your items are not on that list, they are fair game.

Now, how much money can you get for the items you are selling? That requires you to take a look at similar items for auction on the site. A market saturated with antique dolls doesn’t need you to sell one more. Besides, you would pay more in fees than you might possibly get for the doll.

There is another consideration. eBay charges fees for listing and auctioning items. The fees are in line with the items you sell but you still have to pay them.

On the back end there are the shipping costs. You add them to your listing so bidders can see what it will cost. Some people lower their price and compensate with higher shipping fees or vice versa.

On eBay you can list your items for auction or sell at a fixed price. Some items that are popular right now will sell better at auction. Others may get a better price when sold outright instead of taking the time to set up an auction. Every item is not auction material.

Drive Up the Price

One feature of your listing that can increase the bidding price is photographs. People are visual especially when buying something that you can’t touch. Upload photos from all angles: front, back, aerial and both sides. Include shots with as much detail as possible. The more they can see, the higher they will bid.

Your description can contribute to starting a bidding war for your product. Normally wars are not good things but in this case you want to have a highly successful auction. The key here is the language that you use. Tell your potential bidders things along these lines:

You’ll never find another set of sheets as soft as these. Quality Egyptian cotton bedding at 400 thread count is soft as silk.

The wording makes each bidder want to possess the item for themselves. In an effort to get it, they will drive the price up as they try to outbid each other. This is a positive war with you as the winner no matter what.

Use all of the resources available to sellers on eBay to maximize the amount of money you can make. The sky is the limit as long as you are committed.