PLR – Exclusive Interview with Guest Expert Nicole Dean

Today, I have an exclusive interview with Nicole Dean. She’s an expert on Internet Marketing, especially focusing on Busy Marketers who need all the shortcuts they can get. She helps Busy Marketers, just like you, to grow profitable online businesses while still having the lifestyle of an entrepreneur – including choosing when to work and when not to work.

One of her favorite shortcuts is PLR content, which stands for Private Label Rights Content. I won’t give everything away, though, so I’ll hand the stage to Nicole.

Hi Greg. Thanks so much for inviting me as a Guest Expert today to talk about one of my favorite business tools – PLR articles. You sent me some questions in advance so I’ll dive right in. Of course, I invite your readers to ask questions in the comments section and I’ll come back to answer all that we receive.

What is PLR?

I’ll start by explaining PLR articles since that’s my biggest selling item at PLR articles are simply articles that have been written by a writer and are then sold to multiple website owners to use as they wish. Now, you may be picturing something like syndicated content, but this is completely different. You receive the content as “drafts” and the writer does not get any credit for the articles whatsoever, so you can edit the content as you wish – and even put your own name on it as the author.

How do I use it?

There are more than 100 ways to use PLR that I’ve uncovered, but we’ll keep it nice and simple today.

The most common, and easiest way to get started with PLR is using it on your own website or blog. What I recommend is that you purchase a small amount of PLR like a set of PLR articles and copy and paste each article into your blog and save them as drafts. That way, when you log in and need an idea for your next blog post, you’ll have content sitting there, waiting for you to add your magic touch.

If you’d like to learn more ways to use PLR, I recommend that you sign up for my free e-course at and I’ll send you some free information.

How do I choose a PLR Content Provider?

This is the big question. Honestly, there are many PLR sites on the web. Some are great, but many of them offer junk. It’s very easy to hang a shingle as a PLR provider, even if you can’t write yourself out of a paper bag. So, there are a few things to watch out for before spending any money on PLR.

  1. What is the reputation of the owner? Heck, do you even know who owns the site that you’re buying PLR from? If there is no face behind the site, or no credibility – I’d pass, and quickly. On the other hand, my site, has been one of the most respected PLR providers since 2006 and I have thousands of happy customers. In fact, my customers are my best affiliates as they refer most of my new business to me. So, always look at reputation and trust when buying PLR content.

  3. What kind of commitment is involved as a customer? Oftentimes, you’re required to sign up for a membership type program in order to purchase PLR. And, sometimes the PLR that you receive is random, which makes no sense to me at all. If I need PLR about Dogs, and they send me PLR about Fantasy Football, then what on earth would I use it for? So, being able to select exactly what you need, when you need it, is important in my book.

There are several other factors that I like to take into consideration before buying. In fact, I’ve written a few informative articles, including one called “How to Choose a Good PLR Service” that will help you to decide for yourself. They can be found on my site at

How do I know that the PLR material is unique (limited supply) and not all over the web already?

Wow. That’s another important point, Greg. You’ve asked wonderful questions.

Yes, some PLR sites sell recycled content. There are actually sites that sell PLR to other PLR site owners who then resell it. That means that you can end up getting the exact same articles from two different sources.

As for – I have the same writers on staff now as I did three years ago. They write the content, and my Editor goes over it a second time to ensure the quality is top-notch. I do not sell any recycled PLR – ever. Now, I may give some recycled content as a gift to my customers, but I’ll never sell the content unless it’s original to our site.

Plus, at we sell our content in very limited quantities – usually only 75 are sold of each article package. Other sites may limit the number they sell of each package to 2500 or not even limit it at all.

Greg, again, thank you for having me here today, and I welcome questions in the comments section below.

Nicole Dean
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Nicole Dean