What’s the Best Website Creator?

A website creator is one of the first tools that internet marketers need to create an online business.  One of the other essential tools is a hosting service.

In order to compete with the millions of other online businesses, entrepreneurs need to learn about search engine optimization and building content.  They need tools that will help them to build their business, not just build a site.  Sitebuild It provides all of those tools.

Building a website can be accomplished using many tools that are available.  Building a business is the hard part.  No company can do it all for you.  But, SBI does more for their customers than any other company out there.

They provide the hosting service.

If you have considered one of the free blogging tools, such as WordPress, you know that you need a hosting service.  What is the value of a website creator if you do not have a hosting service?  There is none.  Your pages will not go live until you have hosting.

Sitebuild It provides the software.

In addition to providing affordable hosting, SBI provides the software businesses need to create a functioning website.  You do not need to know HTML, FTP or CGI.  You do not need any programming skills or a degree in graphic design.  If you already have FrontPage, Dream Weaver or a comparable site-building program, SBI is a compatible with those programs.

Sitebuild It provides blogging tools.

The latest business blogging tool is called an RSS feed.  With most blogs, your frequent visitors must continue to check back on a regular basis to see if you have created a new post.  Research indicates that most visitors read only the latest post.  Few take the time to read the entire blog.

An RSS feed notifies your visitors when you have created new content.  It is better than blogging in many ways.  But, if you want, you can still use WordPress and other blogging tools with SBI.

SBI provides education.

Education is what is missing from the average website creator.  The step-by-step instructions may help you build a site, but they will not help you get your site noticed.

In order to attract visitors to your site, you need to understand how the search engines work.  You need to do certain things when you are building your site and continue to work at driving business to it, as time goes by.

Sitebuild It is the only website creator that provides search engine optimization tools and the education that you need to use them.  In short, it provides every tool that you need to start or grow your business.  Take the SiteBuild It 2.0 Video Tour and see for yourself.