What Are Your Conversion Rates? (iSnare Reprint)

Reprint of one of my published articles at iSnare


Every online business or website publisher is concerned about conversion rates.  Those are the number of people that visit the website and actually make a purchase.  When that happens, we have converted visitors into sales.

Publishers are also concerned about how to increase opt-in sign-ups.  Those are the number of people that sign up for a free newsletter or e-mails concerning special offers.  When a potential customer signs up for the newsletter, the business or publisher adds that e-mail address to their list, which can become quite long.

There are thousands of suggestions about how to increase opt-in sign ups and conversion rates.  While there is no exact formula for success, there are some things that you can and should be doing, if you want to create a long list of e-mail addresses and grow a successful business.

First, you need a plan for driving traffic to your website.  You can use article marketing or social networking.  You can advertise on other websites that provide similar content or you can advertise through other media, such as television and radio.

You can use “search engine optimization” tactics to improve your search engine rankings.  SEO tactics have to do with the use of specific keywords and how people might search for your business.

We also know that the search engines tend to favor websites with a reasonable amount of content and those that update information regularly.  Having back-links from other websites, as well as outgoing links to other sources of information can improve your rankings.

Once you have a reasonable amount of traffic coming into your website, then you can take a look at your conversion rates and see if there is room for improvement.  Truthfully, there is always room for improvement, unless you are converting 100% of your traffic to sales, which is something that would be nice, but never happens.

In order to increase opt-in sign-ups, you will need to make sure that the sign-up option is visible and easy to use.  An auto-responder is helpful at this point of the game.  You can hardly do without it.

If you do increase opt-in sign-ups and you don’t have an informative newsletter or regular specials to promote, then many people will soon “opt-out”.  You don’t want to overwhelm your subscribers with dozens of e-mails every day.  Your goal should be to send out newsletters or promos once or twice a month.

Please realize that marketing is a numbers game.  As your traffic increases and you increase your marketing efforts, sales should improve.  You should monitor what steps that you are taking to increase traffic and then track your results.  You want to find out what is working and what is not.  And you won’t know unless you are tracking your stats and learning from them.

While there is no magic formula for increasing your conversion rates, with good content, a little SEO, tracking your stats, and staying in regular contact with your potential customers, you should start to see your sales pick up.


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