What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is a phrase used primarily in the SEO (search engine optimization) world.  Writers may be aware of and use the concept, without using the phrase, yet a writer might have a better idea of how to create effective articles than an SEO expert.

Everyone seems to have their own opinion about how to write effective articles.  But, no one would argue that the subject must be interesting.  If it is not interesting to the “masses”, that’s fine, as long as it is interesting to someone.

So, if you want to write with the purpose of attracting more visitors to your website, which is the ultimate definition of article marketing, the first thing that you need to do is find out what people are interested in.  Hopefully, they are interested in something that you are able to write about and something that is relevant to your website.

Health is a popular subject.  People are interested in their own health and parents are interested in the health of their kids.

Parents want their kids to be healthy, happy and well-educated.  So, they search for information about preventing illness.  They find ways to entertain the kids and educate them at the same time.  Website publishers that provide information, services or products for parents can write effective articles about any or all of those subjects.

The primary purpose of article marketing is to create back-links to your website.  But, if your website is not relevant to the information included in the article or if it is not relevant to the hyperlink, then spiders and other bots can ignore it.

There is no point in creating a link from an article about fishing to a website selling educational toys.  You might attract a visitor to your site, but the visitor would probably not become a customer.

So, effective articles are those that would be interesting to your potential customers.  You can learn what people are searching for by using a variety of online tools.

Wordtracker is an example of a website that is used by many writers to find relevant key words or phrases and evaluate the popularity of those terms, as well as the number of competing websites in that category.  If you have too much competition, you might want to write about a different subject.

Some writers feel that short “punchy” paragraphs are better, while others do their own thing.  One thing that most writers agree on is that article marketing can and should be fun.  It only gets frustrating if you worry too much about effectiveness.