What to Look for in an SEO Handbook

An SEO handbook is a good investment for any website publisher.  Organic search engine optimization will help your website get higher rankings and increased traffic.  That should help increase your profits.

There are a number of different handbooks on the market.  Some provide more valuable information than others.  Here are a few things to look for.

The Basics

Some handbooks don’t start at the beginning.  Even if you have some experience, you can always benefit from reviewing the basics.

Up-to-date Information

< Things have changed in just the last few years.  There is no point in buying a book that was written in 2007 (or before).  It would have you doing things that could actually hurt your rankings.

Not a Full-length E-book

You want something that you can easily use as a reference.  There is no way to memorize everything that has to do with search engine optimization.  So, you need to be able to easily refer back to the material. Full-length e-books typically have dozens of chapters.  Finding the information that you are looking for in a reasonable length of time is next to impossible.

Provides Additional Resources

Short books are easiest to handle and refer back to.  They cannot provide all of the information that you could need in the future, but they can provide resources that will allow you to learn more when you are ready.

Customer Reviews

With so many companies offering to help you learn SEO, you need some references.  Online reviews are the best place to go for them, especially if you don’t know anyone in the business.

How to Do Keyword Research

Without keywords, there would be no organic search engine optimization.  Some of the books on the market skip over the importance of the research and how it is best accomplished.  Some authors seem to think that everyone already knows about those things.

How to Build Links

Any book that claims to help you learn SEO should provide some information about link-building.  Covering the subject completely would require another book.  But, some of the basics and ideas for building links should be included.


The terms used in search engine optimization may at first seem like Greek.  It is important to have the glossary at hand whether you are optimizing your website on your own or thinking about hiring an SEO-provider to do it for you.


The right SEO training, handbook or mini-course is one that you can afford and that contains value. It should be actionable that you can use to get started right away and it should be laid out in a step by step system so that it can be used by a veteran or a novice. A perfect example is our Local SEO Course on Udemy. Please Check it out.