Beginner’s Guide To Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics beginnersDo you currently run a blog or a static website? Is it for business or personal use? Well, whatever the reason, you should install Google Analytics on your site. If you are wondering what this tool can do for you, here is a list of its uses.

Google Analytics can tell you:

  • How many people visit your website
  •  The geographic location of your visitors
  • Whether you need a mobile friendly website
  • Other websites that direct traffic to your site
  • The best marketing strategies that drive traffic to your site
  • The most popular pages on your site
  • How many visitors convert into leads and customers
  • Which pages the converting visitors visited on the site as well as their locations
  • How you can improve the speed of your website
  • The type of blog content your visitors like the most
  • And so much more….

These are a few of the most important questions that Google Analytics can answer for you and much, more.

Tips For Using Google Analytics

First, you should sign up for Google Analytics using your primary Google account or create a new one if you want the tool to be separate from the rest of your Google services. If you are using a web designer or developer, don’t allow him/her to sign up for Google Analytics using his/her personal account or manage it for you.

Once you have the account, you can sign into Google Analytics and use the hierarchies available to organize your account accordingly. There is no specific way of setting up your account because it mostly depends on how you are looking to organize your websites.

Next, you need to choose the option “Get Tracking ID”. Here, you will get a list of the terms and conditions of the tool. Once you agree, you can get your tracking code. You should install the code on every page of your site. Note that, the installation depends on the type of website you are currently using. If you do a simple search for the platform you are using on your site plus how to install Google Analytics, you should be able to get the best instructions on how to do so.

Now you need to set up goals for your site using the tool. Using the goal setting the tool will inform you about any activity on your site. The goals can include lead form submissions, purchase completions, email list sign-ups, etc. You should also set a site search, especially if your site has a search box. It is the best way to track any searches on your site which makes it easier to know what visitors to your site are and their searches.

Viewing The Data

Every time you are using Google Analytics, you will get information regarding your website as well as the visitors. Here you will get the audience reports about your visitors, acquisition reports, behavior reports, conversions and everything else you need to know about your website activity. With this information, you should be able to apply the tool to your site and get more information regarding your site visitors.