What are the Words That Sell Products?

Advertisers use specific words that sell products. You are guaranteed to earn more money easily if you use them in the pages of your website.  You can even get free tools that help you find them.

The two previous sentences should have caught your attention, because they include many of the words that sell.  When you use “you and your”, rather than “someone or a person’s”, you make the reader feel as though you are speaking directly to them.

“Guaranteed”, “money”, “easily” and “free” are also attention grabbers. Advertisers use them liberally when writing copy.  But, things are a little different when it comes to online marketing.

>Any business owner has competition. Online businesses simply have more of it.  Depending on your business, you may have millions of competing websites. Many of those competing websites know about writing effective copy; copy that sells their products or services.  But, writing effective copy is only part of the equation.  First, you have to get people to read it.

When you have millions of competing websites, how can you be sure that anyone will ever visit your homepage?  In all honesty, you can never be 100% sure of anything on the internet. There are no real guarantees. There are only tools.

Tools are available to help you find more than words that sell products.  They help you find “keywords”.

Keywords, as most of you probably know,  are what people type into search boxes.  They press enter and almost instantly, they have page after page of results.  If your website is on the last page, it is unlikely that anyone will ever click on it.

There are other methods that might help attract people to your website.  You can advertise on more popular sites.  You can pay for radio or television ad-time.  You can run an e-mail campaign.

If you choose any of these methods and use words that sell products in your advertising copy, you might start to see some traffic at your website.  If you explore the concept of keywords and niche marketing, you should see your website traffic start to increase quickly.

Assuming that you offer a good product or service, you will start to see your business grow as well. That is the ultimate goal of all internet entrepreneurs.  We want to grow our businesses.

There are a number of keyword research tools on the internet.  Site Build It provides the most comprehensive set with “Brainstorm It” Version 3.

“Proven results” are also words that sell products.  SBI has proven results in helping business people succeed online.