Here are 10 Quick Ways to Effectively Use PLR Content

If you have a blog, you know that you must constantly post new articles to it to keep it fresh and to keep your readers interested and to maintain visitor traffic.  Creating a constant flow of fresh articles can be challenging for many blog owners, as sitting down to write a post can be tedious and time consuming.

As an option to writing their own articles, some bloggers are turning to PLR providers to help them maintain a constant flow of fresh content to their website.  Using PLR (private label rights) content can save you time and money and help you to create content, create products and market your business. To that end, here are 10 surefire ways to turn your PLR content into cash…

1. Rewrite it.

No matter what you’re using the content for, change it so that you don’t have competition. At a minimum, change the title, introduction and conclusion of your articles and reports. You may also delete irrelevant content and add in your own examples and tips.

2. Put it in a different format.

Most people who use PLR text content leave it in the form of text. You can virtually guarantee that you’ll have a unique product if you put it in a different format, such as converting text to an audio book or even a video.

3. Turn it into a physical book.

Another way to make money with your PLR content is by turning it into a physical book. Just use a self-publishing company like or one of the many other sites out there that offer a similar service.

4. Use as a subscription incentive.

Compile a pack of PLR articles into a report – or just rewrite a PLR report or ebook. You might even turn it into a video or audio book. Then finish by adding your affiliate links to a product (or links to your own products) and give the PLR content away for free to your subscribers.

5.  Use it as a bonus for your paid products.

Instead of giving the content away to prospects, you can give it away to your paying customers. Just use your PLR content as a bonus – you might even offer it as an unadvertised bonus.

6.  Stock a membership site.

You can stock your membership site with PLR content. Or, break the content up into six months worth of weekly lessons and run a fixed-term membership site.

7.  Put it on a CD and sell it on eBay.

You can use your PLR content as a lead-generator on eBay. Simply add your product links or affiliate links to the content, burn it on a CD and auction it off.

8. Use it as content for your autoresponder series.

You can create an evergreen, “set it and forget it” newsletter using PLR content. Just chop it up into weekly lessons and load it into your autoresponder. To entice people to subscribe to your newsletter, you may consider throwing in another PLR report as a bonus.

9. Create Blog Posts From PLR Content
You can rewrite PLR articles or break down reports and books to create blog posts. Just insert your product or affiliate links and let these posts make money for you on autopilot.

10. Combine multiple sources to create a new paid product or upsell product.

As previously mentioned, you should rewrite your PLR content to make it unique. Another way to make it unique is to combine multiple PLR products. For example, you can compile a set of related articles. Or you can take a chapter from multiple PLR ebooks to create a small report or an entirely new product.

Obviously, you can use this new product in any way you like, including offering it as a bonus, turning it into a subscription incentive, or stocking a membership site with it. You can also offer it as a standalone paid product, or even as an upsell to a paid product.

You just discovered 10 great ways to monetize your PLR content. The next step is yours – take action!  Because the sooner you employ these tips, the sooner you can take advantage of the increased traffic, subscribers and profits!