CB Passive Income Review

affiliate marketing trainingThe internet has brought a lot of good things to the world. It has made sharing of information easier and more convenient to billions of people around the planet. Secondly, it has allowed families and friends from various parts of the globe to keep in touch. And let’s not forget how it has helped countless people earn money online even in the comfort of their own home.
If making money online is what you’re most interested in, you might have looked at different business models that have claimed to help people generate passive income. This is what Patrick Chan’s CB Passive Income specializes in, helping a myriad of individuals from around the world to create wealth and make money from the Internet.

What is It?

As any CB Passive Income review would tell you, this is an email marketing system that can make it easy for people to make money online. The CB Passive Income system is a revolutionary program that can generate passive income for anyone who applies it’s techniques and strategies. ??It is developed by Patric Chan, an Internet marketing whiz who has been making money online since 2003. Chan has made millions from the Internet, founding several startups such as PagePressApp.com and NagScreen.com. He has also authored several books alongside New York Times bestselling author Robert Allen.

A world-renowned Internet marketing expert, Chan is offering a clone of his successful business. When you subscribe to this program, you stand the chance to generate passive income through it for a long, long time.

How it Works

CB Passive Income 3.0 is an auto pilot software. It allows you earn from commissions without you actually doing anything.

It works by generating a unique link to a webpage. The link is only available for you to use. Then you’ll get a clone of Chan’s secret web pages that are 100% ready to go, including your unique link.

You don’t need to worry about the creation of the web pages as well as the hosting fees, as the software has those things taken care of. The software will also take care of the updating of the website, so that it can get enough traffic and customer conversion.

So, every time an internet user subscribes, the system will be sent to them. It will have your affiliate link to the product that is being promoted. Thus you stand a chance to earn affiliate commissions from products sold.

These products are from ClickBank, a secure online retail outlet servicing more than 50,000 products and 100,000 active affiliate marketers. ClickBank processes more than 30,000 digital transactions daily.

Thus, if you’ve ever wondered how to make money with ClickBank, Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income 3.0 is your answer.

What are The Pros?

There are many reasons why you should try this marketing software offered by Patric Chan.

With CB Passive Income 3.0, you’re basically piggybacking on Chan’s proven system. You don’t have to write or produce any content because the website has been set up for you. You don’t even have to pay for the hosting of the website. You don’t need to create products to sell, and send emails urging customers to buy them.

There’s also no need to write sales letters, or deal with customer complaints. You won’t have to spend your time researching about the products that you are promoting. You basically don’t need to learn about Internet marketing. Everything is done for you by Chan’s system.

You simply have to enter some details about yourself, and then click ‘create.’ Within a minute or so, you can start your venture in online marketing.

The software tracks your commissions as well as leads generated. You earn life time commissions on any products that your subscribers purchase.

But what if you want to promote the website assigned to you? Well, Chan is also making available to you his affiliate marketing training course that shares information on Facebook marketing and YouTube marketing. It will teach you how you can effectively promote your CB Passive income business so that the website given to you will get more hits and sales.

This program also works best for newbies to internet marketing because they are essentially piggy-backing on Chan’s system. Beginners are traditionally at a disadvantage when it comes to online marketing because it can be hard for them to attract attention from website visitors and subscribers. Also a novice would probably know little about setting up a website, let alone promoting it.

But with Patric Chan’s system, anyone who has zero marketing experience can still generate a substantial amount of income on a consistent basis. Chan also updates the content of the websites so that there will be enough information and ‘prizes’ to entice visitors.
Simply put, CB Passive Income allows new internet marketers to earn even if they don’t have any substantial experience in this field.

To be able to subscribe to the program, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $97. You can also pay monthly ($37). Don’t worry, because this fee is refundable in case you don’t like the program. Chan will return your money, no questions asked.

What are its cons?

The CB Passive Income 3.0 is far from being a perfect system. Perhaps the most glaring weakness of Chan’s offer is that it doesn’t have a free trial.

For some experienced internet marketers, it may be a disadvantage to have no control on the type of products Chan decides to sell.

Regardless of what anyone says, this system requires work on your part. In order to achieve success, you must follow the strategies and take action…


Overall, CB Passive Income 3.0 presents a very enticing opportunity for people who want to earn a steady income online. Patric Chan has proven himself to be a very credible and expert internet marketer, thus people with zero knowledge with web marketing should try his program. Even those who have tried other online marketing schemes should give this software a chance. It’s definitely worth a look ==> Try CB Passive Income 3.0cb-passive-income-review