The very mention of the term ‘paid survey’ elicits a variety of responses from people. Some of the common responses include:

  • It is legit; I read about this guy who made a fortune by simply taking surveys; he asked me to pay $50 to share his secrets.
  • It has the word ‘scam’ written all over it.
  • It is a mixed bag. There are legit opportunities and then there are fake ones.
  • I have no idea what you are talking about dude.

If your response is somewhat similar to above, you need to read this article fully. By the time you finish reading it, you will have a clear idea of what survey websites are and how you can benefit from them.

Make money with surveys – Dispelling the myth

Let me first dispel a popular myth. Not all survey websites are run by scam artists. There are a number of legitimate sites with thousands of satisfied members who get paid on time, every time. Now that I have made it clear, let me tell you a very important fact about survey websites.

Getting rich vs. paying bills

You cannot become rich by taking surveys. If it was possible, poverty would have become history in the West long time back. Most sites pay you anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars for completing a survey. The rate depends on various factors like the length of the survey, the demographic you belong to, and the type of questions being asked. The bottom line is – you cannot become rich. You can, however, make enough money to pay your bills. This is an important thing you need to remember about websites that pay money for surveys.

Earning passive income

A lot of survey sites have multi-tier payment method, which means you get paid not only for the surveys you complete, but also for the surveys your referrals complete. These are the websites you should go after. If you can join two or three of such sites and get at least five referrals for each site, you can expect to make a reasonable amount of passive income every month.

Tips to make money with surveys

  • Some websites offer gift cards, discount coupons, and free products for completing surveys. You can avoid such sites and look for websites that pay you money for taking surveys.
  • Avoid any website that has a joining fee or a membership fee.
  • Stay away from websites that promise unrealistic earnings. I repeat – you cannot become a millionaire by taking surveys online.
  • Some sites pose as survey sites to sell your information to marketing companies. If a site’s privacy policy does not mention anything about keeping your information safe and secret, stay away from it.
  • Before you join any website that pays money for surveys, go online and do some research. A simple Google search should reveal you plenty of information about the site. If there are a lot of complaints/rants from ex-members and current members, it is a clear warning sign.

With that, we have come to the end of this article. I hope you now have a good idea as to how these websites work and how you can make money with surveys. Keep these tips in mind, choose legitimate sites, avoid scams, and start making money online.