Need More Customers? Plant a Papaya

marketing your businessEvery now and then I treat my self to a papaya. The papaya is a delicious tropical fruit and it is known for it’s ability to help to remedy digestive problems. When you cut open the papaya, you find a center filled with lots of small black seeds. Living in South Florida, every time that I prepare a papaya,

I keep the seeds and usually end up planting them. I have found that the seeds will germinate, produce seedlings and eventually full grown papaya trees, but the process takes about two years before the trees will start to produce fruit. But during that time, the papaya needs a lot of attention and care to help it to reach maturity. Constant watering, fertilizing, and covering it in the winter to protect from potential freeze damage. With a dedicated plan and nurturing attention, the papaya will eventually produce it’s own delicious fruit and will give you the satisfaction of a job done right.

This is a similar process to marketing your business. First realizing that it will take time for your marketing efforts to produce any fruit. Identifying your ideal client and your target market is your first step and is similar to planting the seeds. Creating a dedicated marketing effort focusing on your ideal clients is watering and fertilizing. Monitoring your efforts, analyzing your results, and making any adjustments to your campaign which is like protecting it from winter (or search engine algo changes).

Create a plan, monitor your results and be realistic about the time frame to accomplish your goal.  And while your at it, why not have a papaya?