Real Time Web Analytics

Analyzing your website traffic is critical to any online marketing campaign. Until recently, we have been using the industry standard Google Analytics Package as it is a great program and, of course, it’s free. That is, until we found out about Clicky.

Clicky is a website analytics software that is an alternative to GA and it has a lot of great extra features.  One of the main features is that Clicky offers website statistics in real time. This is an awesome feature and once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to go back. Kind of like the way we feel about DVR’s. Before we had them, we didn’t know what we were missing.  Now that we have them, we wonder what we did before we had them.

Clicky’s dashboard is sleek and customizable and installation is a breeze by using the recommended WordPress plugins or by simply adding the tracking code to your site.

Other features that you get with Clicky, that are not available with GA are:

  • Live view of everyone on your site right now
  • The best bounce rate metric available
  • Ability to search keyword rankings
  • Dynamic goals don’t need to be pre-defined
  • Track visitors who have JavaScript disabled
  • 100% Flash free for a great experience on your phone or tablet
  • Video Analytics
  • Alerts via email or mobile
  • Alerts via desktop with sounds, etc…
  • Mobile hardware reporting
  • Detailed info on organizations (address, phone#, revenue…)
  • Twitter analytics
  • Dedicated iPhone version
  • Dedicated version for other mobile devices
  • URL shortener integration
  • integration
  • Favorites
  • IP tags
  • Stats for your RSS feeds
  • Website widgets
  • White Label as your own product
  • Official WordPress Plugin for easy integration to your blog
  • Feedburner RSS stats integration
  • Public statistics
  • And an affiliate program

This is really a great analytics program and it’s absolutely worth checking out. Just go to for more information.