Ultimate Ebook Creator

ultimate ebook creatorThe Ultimate Ebook Creator (or UEC) is a Windows application designed to help you create an ebook even without any prior experience. The days when you had to find a publisher to get your work published are gone, and now with an application like UEC you can easily self-publish your book. The software is WYSIWYG, so what you see on the screen is what you get, but then again, it also has a lot of other features that will come in handy.


This unlimited ebook creator lets you create an ebook from scratch with its built-in editor, or if you’ve already written the text in Word or a text document, you can import the file in this program and edit it.

There is a built-in MS Word conversion utility that lets you save text in the following formats:

This ultimate ebook creator review can also point out that UEC has one of the most advanced WYSIWYG editors for ebook applications. There are a lot of features here, but in short this is a professional level ebook formatter and editor that’s similar to MS Word, so making the transition won’t be difficult.

Like Word, the Ultimate Ebook Creator Amazon Kindle has a spell checker that automatically checks your document for spelling and grammatical errors, and the Pro Writer’s Studio System makes it easy to structure and outline your ideas, essential when you’re working on a novel or long document. The Writer’s Studio System is where you’ll probably spend most of your time. Here you’ll be able to gather your notes and thoughts and arrange the content as you please.

Apart from supporting the above mentioned formats, you can use UEC to create Barnes and Noble Nook books and Amazon Kindle titles as well. In addition, there’s an image optimizer, and it should be pointed out that the interface comes in English and German, with Spanish and French to be available shortly.

As you might expect, UEC makes it easy to change the color and style of your document, and you can use different types of fonts. If you’re a longtime user of Word and saved the file as .doc, you can import it in UEC. Even better, you can import PDF projects as well for editing.

The image optimizer tool is very useful as it reduces the size of an image while keeping the aspect ratio intact. With the image optimizer, you can adjust the scale, the height, width and the quality filter as well.

UEC is more than just a simple ebook creator, as it is also a writer’s software and editor. The program is continuously updated, and one of the newer features is the ability to use a password to protect your PDF documents. If you’re emailing a copy of the ebook, having password protection is essential to ensuring its security.

Ease of Use

UEC gets high marks for ease of use as it can auto generate a table of content (TOC), and each one is linked to the chapters in your work. In addition, UEC can create page breaks, very convenient. For many though, the auto TOC will be one of the program’s biggest selling points since it takes out a lot of the manual work that comes with making a table of content.

If your book has long chapters, you can use UEC to create “sub chapters” that breaks up the content nicely. For instance, suppose you want to start a new book chapter. Just right click to the left of the program and type the chapter’s name in the box. Now you can start writing, and if you want to create a sub chapter or section, repeat what you did under the chapter’s name.

The interface is intuitive, and the left pane gives you a detailed yet easy to understand outline of your ebook. Once you’re done writing, save the ebook in PDF, EPUB or MOBI or you can save the file in Word format.


  • Easy to use
  • Supports popular formats
  • Runs on Windows without a hitch
  • Spell checker has multi language support


While UEC is very good, there are a few drawbacks:

  • The older version has problems with the bullet display, so make sure you use the latest release
  • Older versions of the program required you to uninstall before the new updated could be installed, but that’s been fixed in the latest release

Additional Benefits

UEC is a feature packed program, and one of the most important is the ease with which you can insert Word documents, images and text into your project. The interface is very clean and suitable for continuous writing, but every now and then you’ll want to add some images and text. Fortunately, this program makes the process easy.

UEC supports external web link insertion, and you can add bookmarks to your project and link them, very useful. In addition, UEC lets you embed video and audio in the ebook which is practical considering how popular multimedia is on the web today. Audio and video are especially useful if you’re writing a self-help or how-to ebook.

One of the reasons why UEC has become so popular is the way it automates most of your work. For instance, when you save a file in EPUB format, the program makes sure that it is validated according to the International Digital Publishing Forum specifications. If you save in PDF, the table of content is automatically clickable, and this is also true if you save in .doc or .docx format.


There is plenty of ebook software available, but in terms of features and ease of use, UEC is one of the best, both for the user who’s writing an ebook for the first time or the seasoned writer who’s looking for a more flexible program. The design and interface, not to mention customer support, is all top notch. If you’re a full time writer or self publisher, then you need to take a look at what UEC can do for you.