4 Essential Tips for Using PLR Content

PLR (Private Label Rights) content can help make your online business run easier than ever by giving you the opportunity to take ownership of prewritten content and use it in your own business.

But what is PLR?

PLR site owners create articles and other content, then they make that content available to multiple buyers.

For instance, at EasyPLR.com you’ll see that there are many different article packs and reports available. Each item is sold in limited quantities. So, while 75 other online business owners may purchase rights to the same set of articles, each person can alter or edit the articles in whatever way they’d like before publishing them.

What’s wonderful about this is the research and composition of the article has been done for you, freeing your time to perform other important tasks.

These 4 quick tips will guide you in working with PLR content.

Tip #1: Check the Quality

While PLR articles can save you time, you always want to make sure it is high quality first. There are some content writers out there who do not do their best work.  Because selling PLR can be so lucrative, they try to produce quantity rather than quality – in essence pushing out garbage articles as quickly as possible to increase their bottom line.

Not only should you take care to find the best quality PLR that you can find, but it is in your best interest to always read your PLR content before placing it on your website or blog to ensure that it represents you and your business well.

On the other hand, there are many high quality sites where you can find articles and reports that were professionally-written and edited. I’d recommend that you check for PLR sales companies that have been around for some time. Highly recommended is EasyPLR.com.

A person who is proud of the PLR they are selling should be open about their research techniques, writing style, etc. The writing should be unique, and not include parts of previously sold PLR. If you have any doubts you may want to check content samples on their website, or make one small purchase before committing to a larger one.

Tip #2: Check the Rights

People assume that after they purchase their PLR they can use the content in any way they choose. Usually this is not the case. In some instances, sellers specify a certain amount of changes you must make to the content while others let you make the decision whether or not to change it at all. It’s all a matter of seller preference.

The PLR rights also may give you hints about using the content that had never even crossed your mind before. For example, a seller may state something similar to

YES – Use as website content
YES – Put together as an eBook
NO – Leave as-is

Well, if you hadn’t considered putting PLR articles together in eBook format you’ve suddenly gotten another use for the articles you have just purchased.

Tip #3: Get Your Money’s Worth

Many people sell themselves short by only utilizing PLR content in one way. PLR content can be used in a number of ways. For example, you can put a part of the content on your website, and then decide to include the most comprehensive information in an eBook or eCourse that you may choose to market. Another great idea is that you may include portions in an autoresponder plr sequence to send to your list members.

Keep in mind that people who are on the Internet are either looking for information or looking to buy something. PLR content can solve both of those needs – by providing information that pre-sells your web visitors to buy related products and services. This way you’ll be getting your money’s worth and saving yourself time and energy.

Tip #4: Request Feedback

If you are placing PLR on your website a smart idea would also be to request feedback from your readers. By doing this, you can get an unbiased opinion if the information is being valued by your audience.

Allow your readers to comment right on your website after they read your content. Remember, you want your PLR to keep readers coming back, not drive them away. People usually are blunt. They will not hesitate to tell you if they think your article was boring, stupid, unrelated or a laundry list of other things.

You should be prepared for criticism whenever you ask for an opinion, but in the long run this will be to your advantage. Meaning that, you can use the responses from your audience to gauge whether or not to purchase more PLR from a certain vendor.

Using PLR content is an exciting strategy for marketers who don’t have time to write their content or just don’t relish the task of writing. A few basic things to remember, make sure you’re buying high quality information, examine the rights to give yourself ideas and to follow the seller’s usage rules. Get your money’s worth by leveraging the content in many different ways and always keep the lines of communication open with your readers. Follow these guidelines and you’ll find that PLR content will increase your revenue while your business keeps on growing.