Learn How To SEO

Getting top search engine rankings is not as complicated as many people may think. A little planning and on page SEO will go a long way in your quest for the holy grail of marketing your website.

Ready to learn how to SEO your web page? Let’s go…

We’ll talk about on page SEO today and our goal is giving the search engines exactly what they want to see to rank your website page above all others for your given keyword phrase.

Learning how to SEO – First of all, content is king, 400 to 500 word articles are good, but 850 – 1000 word articles are even better. Think about it, the job of a search engine is to provide their searchers with the most relevant content related to their search.

All things being equal, a longer article targeting a certain keyword phrase in the eyes of a search engine is more relevant and committed to the subject at hand than a shorter article, so if at all possible, try for the longer articles, it will pay dividends in the end.

Follow These Key Tips On How To SEO Your Web Page

  • How to SEO Your Title: Always use your main keyword phrase twice in the title. Once is good, but twice is better.
  • How to SEO the body of your article. When you are posting the article to your website the article should contain your exact keyword phrase at a rate of 3% to 3.75%, so if you have a 500 word article, your keyword phrase should be used approximately 15 times. This will show Google and any other search engines exactly what your page is about. We don’t want to leave any doubt about this for obvious reasons. I’ve tried 1.5%, 2%. 2.5% and everything in between and I have the best search engine ranking results at 3% – 3.75% keyword density.
  • How to SEO your H1, H2 and H3 tags. Be sure to to use your keyword phrase once in the H1, H2 and H3 tags throughout your page.
  • Make sure you underline your keyword phrase once in your article.
  • Italicize your keyword phrase once in your article
  • How to SEO your image “alt” tags. Always add at least one image to the article on your page, this is so that you can use your keyword phrase in the “alt” tag of the image, this is just one more reinforcement to the search engines that your page is about that specific keyword phrase.

You’ve just learned how to SEO the most important aspects of your web page. Remember, SEO is all about optimizing one page at a time on your website. These simple and easy to implement search engine optimization tips will go a long way in boosting your website to the top of the rankings. Check out our mini-course on Local SEO, which is affordable and actionable.