Compliment Your Website By Creating A Blog

create a blogMost online business owners go the traditional route and create a website where they can conduct their business. But, what can you do to easily connect with your customers and visitors in a more social manner?  A place where they can get to know you, interact with you and learn more about you. To accomplish this, you may want to create a blog as an extension of your main website. A blog will provide a platform for you to interact with your customers and can also create another way to increase traffic to your main website.

Blogging is basically online journaling. People start blogs everyday on a number of different topics.  You can talk about a multitude of subjects and visitors can respond to your posts.

Your blog can be used as a place where your customers (and future prospects) can go to get away from the more formal website where you sell your products or services. It allows them to find out more about your business and more importantly, the person behind the business. A blog for your business is a great way to get people talking about your business.

Starting A Blog

These days, creating a blog is fairly simple.  Some blogging platforms offer free web hosting. Two of the most popular blog hosting sites are WordPress and Blogger. Setting up and customizing your blog is not a problem when you have ready-made templates to help you. Each site offers step-by-step instructions to help you get up and running pretty quickly.

Your blog will be a part of your website and so can the domain name. Remember to keep it easy to access for anyone. If they know your website name, then they will be able to find your blog. You can also create a link to your blog right from your website’s pages and also link back to your website from your blog.

What Do You Put On Your Blog?

First, you need to determine what is the purpose for your blog. You may want to mainly use your blog to increase traffic to your site. Existing customers can find a place to ask questions and communicate with other customers. Visitors to your blog can find out from your customers just how great your products or services are.  Third party recognition for you and your website.

Make sure that your blog contains interesting and helpful content. Your blog posts are shorter than complete articles, making it simple for readers to get easily digestible information. Create posts that will captivate the reader. If your business happens to be about weight loss, offer content that gives tips for using different exercise methods or the discipline involved in starting a weight loss/exercise program as examples.

You can even link back to your website through your posts. Those interested in learning more about a topic can do so by visiting the link you include in the individual post. The link then refers them to a related page on your website that goes into more detail. Remember to keep the tone of your blog relaxed and inviting in order to keep past readers returning and your new readers interested in learning more.

Encourage visitors to your blog to leave comments. Pose questions in your posts like “How can we increase traffic?” or “What do you think about our new product?” and invite visitors to provide their feedback in the comment section. People love to give their thoughts and opinions and will be happy to provide feedback to your posts.

As your blog traffic increases, you can add more features and services. How about a “Top Comments” type section? You can post blurbs from reader comments and include your take on what they have to say. You may also want to invite notable guest writers or expert guest bloggers who have something to offer your readers to write posts and to add fresh content to your blog.

Most importantly, interact with your readers. When your readers comment, make sure to answer back. This shows that it is not your intention to only promote your website or to sell them something. In fact, try your best not to sell them anything at all – at least at first. Instead, provide them with helpful information and great content. Interact with them and then post links to your main site as well as other related sites. Let your readers find their way to your site based on your newfound relationship.

Your blog can be a great addition to your business.  It can make your visitors and customers feel more comfortable to do business with you.  They can interact with you, get questions answered, and you never know, you may even make some new friends.