Creating a Twitter Marketing Campaign

Twitter marketing is something that is talked about behind the scenes.  Although there are a number of articles and blog-posts about how it would be possible to monetize twitter, there are no plans in the works for such programs.

If you happen to be someone that is trying to make a little money on your own, there are certain ways to use the network.  But, you will need to be careful.  First, you need to focus on selling yourself.

Some people are uncomfortable with that idea, but that is really what twitter marketing is all about.  Writers, actors, athletes and other celebrities use the network to keep in touch with their fan base.

Their fans hang on their every word.  This is a way to get their words out there, without them being edited or taken out of context by the media.  It won’t put the paparazzi out of business, but it will make it harder for them to get a scoop, because the celebrity can always publish the news, first.  You can create your own fan club.  It might take a little time, but people do it.

When people write about how we might be able to monetize twitter in the future, they talk a lot about Google Adsense and other kinds of third-party advertising.  By allowing members to publish Google ads on their pages, twitterers could make a little money.

Many of the blogs around the web allow Google ads.  It may be that the company does not want to monetize twitter in this way, because the network could become like other blogs.

That’s probably one of the reasons that talk about twitter marketing is kept in the background.  Yes, business owners use it for that purpose, just as they use other social networking sites.  But, they are not spammers.

They use the tools available to attract new visitors to their websites or their companies.  They cannot be considered spammers, because in order for you to get their tweets, you must sign up to follow them.

One of the reasons that people wonder about how to monetize twitter is because of the “legends”.  There are twitterers that have made lots of money for charities and other good causes.  But, remember, they developed a following, first.

If no one is following you, you cannot use the network to make money for your own business or for a charity. Getting followers is the essential part of twitter marketing.