Increase Business Visibility by Blogging for Others

There are people in the Internet business scene who are “big names.” When they are mentioned, others stand up and take notice (where is E. F. Hutton?). You can use their influence to gain a higher visibility in your business arena.

All sorts of people visit blogs. They are not just people who see a catchy headline and stop in for a peek. Successful business people, offline companies, moms and others from different spheres of influence are reading, commenting and taking notice of who posts on their favorite blogs.

This is good for you. Here’s the scenario: You are a business owner who wants to stand out from the crowd in your niche. Let’s say that it is virtual assisting. One of your favorite blog owners gives you a chance to guest blog for them.

You know the style of the blog and add your own personal touch. Through your solid advice and personal insights, some of that blogger’s visitors approach you about business opportunities. Even the blog owner may like you so much so that he or she offers to partner with you on a project. Others file your name away until they decide that they are ready for VA services. In the meantime, they follow your blog.

It is a win-win situation in the making. But, don’t stop at one blog guest spot. Trade on the name of that first influential blogger to garner other spots. Suddenly, your traffic increases as your loyal followers tell others about you. Before you know it, people are going to want to appear on your blog!

This scenario puts everything in a neat little box. It will require some work, but it can be done. In conjunction with your other marketing strategies, guest blogging can put your name out there in even more places.

Guest Blogging for Those Who Have Their Own Blog

Now, let’s say that you are a blogger yourself already. Can you see some of the benefits of posting on someone else’s blog yet? Guest blogging gives you a chance to stretch those writing muscles and expand your niche, or find a new niche that you didn’t see before.

If you sell advertising on your blog, guest appearances can net you more people who are familiar with you and want to buy space. That means more money in your pocket. You may even decide to go beyond the blog and create a business website or join affiliate programs to also boost your income.

So, what are you going to do when you become a household name? The sky’s the limit for you and your business as long as you take care of the relationships that you are forming.

Tip: Utilize the expertise of others to boost your expert status.