Promote Your Site By Creating Videos

The web is loaded with visitors trying to find information on a myriad of subjects.  Articles pertaining to just about any topic are available and are usually the first type of content that they will find. But, there are other options available when it comes to delivering content. You can use videos to get there attention and attract more website traffic.

We are not talking about a major motion picture here so you can relax. Using computer software located on your laptop and desktop, you can create your own video.  If you have a webcam or a USB connection where you can hook up a webcam, you have the tools needed to create your own unique video.

Since it is your business, who can tell your story better than you? Tell visitors about your company or website and all of the benefits associated with it.  Video is a great way to showcase your expertise.

For some relevant examples, take a look at YouTube. There are tons of videos available for internet visitors to view.  Search YouTube for any videos that may be related to your niche.  Depending on your topic, you will probably find many similar videos.  Watch these videos to see how they are presented and to get ideas on how to create and present your video.

When uploading your video to a site, be sure to check the guidelines of that site as many will have different rules. Be sure that you read all the fine print before making a video to upload. Videos that don’t follow the parameters of a particular site may not be accepted.

You can also upload your videos directly to your own website. Here, you can share videos of any length you choose for your visitors and customers to enjoy.

Videos present information in a quick and easy format. Web surfers want information and they want it fast. If you can create a video that delivers the information in an informative, quick and simple way, you will be giving your visitors what they want.  If you can do this on a regular basis,  your readership will increase as many will bookmark your site and return for future information.

If teaching is your passion, you can concentrate on creating how-to videos. Demonstrate your expertise by showing how to use a new product, put together a podcast presentation or methods for researching keywords.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice making videos.  Get started by creating a few sample videos. Check out your appearance, listen to how your voice sounds and decide what will be the best style for your presentation. Your best response will be to a voice that is relaxed and conversational. Avoid big words if smaller ones will get the meaning across just as well. Compare your video to other similar videos and determine what you liked or didn’t like about each video. Think of your audience as old friends who you may be talking to at the kitchen table or on the front porch.

Experiment with your footage. Use editing software to delete mistakes and splice together the good scenes. You don’t want the camera to swing from side to side making the audience feel like they’re on a rocking boat. You also don’t want the images to be too dark so that visitors can’t make out what is going on. It takes practice to get things just right, but it won’t take long. On the other hand, don’t be so picky that your video will never be good enough to publish.  Don’t get discouraged, just stay the course and continue to create and tweak your presentation.

Make It Unique

As you probably have noticed when searching YouTube, many types of video presentations and styles have already been created and presented. Finding a unique hook to gain traffic as well as using keywords in the title will be extremely beneficial to you. You want to engage the reader and grab their attention from the start.

Try not to make this be a chore. Have fun with your video presentations. If you find your subject matter interesting, your audience will too.

Make sure to include your website somewhere in your video. Not only mention it, but also include the url link in black and white so visitors can immediately have access to your site.

Use your social networks to tell others about your videos. Invite friends and associates to check out your videos and then ask them pass the link on to their friends. Also encourage comments. Welcome any constructive criticism that can help you improve your video and your overall presentation.

While content is still king and a well written article is golden, adding video media to your web promotion toolbox is a great way to go.  If you haven’t already, give video a try as part of your website promotion efforts. Check out this excellent software that can help with your video marketing efforts.==> EasyVideoSuite