Writing Good Presell Pages

Want to learn how to write good pre sell pages?  Thinking about buying a template or a content-writing tool?  Here are some suggestions for online entrepreneurs like you.

For every person that wants to make money on the internet, there are at least a thousand e-books for sale.  All of the authors focus on website copywriting and claim to have the key to your success.

Some of them talk about the art of preselling.  Others do not.  It is safe to say that if the importance of pre-selling the customer is not mentioned, the e-book is not worth buying.

The term has always been used in advertising and marketing.  Television, radio and print ads are designed to sell a product or service to a customer before they enter a store.  Ideally, the customer will enter the store ready to buy the product.  Hopefully, the store will have it in stock.

Internet marketing is similar in some ways, but different in others.  Presell pages should be written in a way that creates a relationship between you (the writer) and the reader.


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The words that you use should create a feeling of trust.  The reader should believe that you are an authority on the subject and feel that the product you are describing is valuable. That’s the art of preselling by definition.  But, how do you do it?  That’s what most internet marketers want to know.

The first step is to learn about the product, unless you are already familiar with it.  You want to identify unique features.  You want to determine why it is better than similar products.  You want to find out how the features could benefit your readers and explain that on your page.

In a traditional setting, the art of preselling included talking to the customer about their needs.  Once the salesperson was able to identify their needs, they suggested products that would satisfy them.

In online marketing, we don’t have the ability to talk with our readers and identify their needs.  Luckily, the search engines do that for us.

Your potential customers enter a word or phrase into a search box.  What they enter is the product or service that they need.  Your presell pages should explain how or why your products will satisfy those needs.

You should be able to see why buying a pre-written page is ineffective.  Taking a business writing course or using content-writing tools may be able to help.  Using templates might ensure that your pages have a professional looking appearance and inspire trust.  But, the copy ultimately comes from you.

Learning the art of preselling is something that takes time to master.  It is truly one of the “arts”.

Tools are available that will help you determine if a page is effective or not.  This is done by analyzing the number of readers vs. the number of people that click through and actually “walk into the store”.  When they convert readers into buyers, your presell pages are working as they should.