Traffic Travis Review

free seo softwareYou have a website for your business, and who doesn’t these days? And of course, you’re worried about SEO. You want to rank highly in Google when people search for topics you’re involved with, because everyone uses Google to look for websites.

But how do you know if your SEO efforts are doing well? If you’re like most people, you just go on Google, type in the search keywords you think your customers use, and see where you place in the rankings. But there’s a way you can check your SEO more efficiently, and that’s with the free SEO software called Traffic Travis, although there’s a paid version that’s more advanced.

Ultimate Benefits of Traffic Travis

The typical Traffic Travis review is quite positive, especially if it’s written by an actual customer. The benefits are astounding, especially when you consider the end result. By using this SEO software as a guide to how you can tweak your SEO efforts, the improvements you can make can truly boost your business.

  • Increased traffic. One reviewer noted that the program does require a rather steep learning curve, and that the benefits are not instantaneous. But after 6 months, their efforts with Traffic Travis finally paid off. In one month their website attracted more than 10,000 unique visitors, and up to a thousand visitors enter the site each day.

  • Industry domination. It’s ok to be outranked by companies that are not part of your industry. It’s even alright to be outranked in Google by industry companies that are not your direct competitors, such as shops in other countries. As long as you place above your direct competition, you’re doing very well. And you can do that with this program. For example, one grateful user admitted that they now dominate their specific niche, which is providing professional photography services for Asian communities in the UK.

  • More money. Success in business must translate to greater profits. And with this program, that’s attainable too. In fact, another customer confessed that they boosted their income by 400% with their efforts guided by this analytic tool.

So What Does Traffic Travis Really Do?

If you’re serious about SEO, then you may have to hire an SEO professional to help you out. This can be an expensive proposition, however, especially on a continuing basis. But with this program, you can get vast amounts of illuminating info on your own.

  • You can run a full checkup on your website SEO. Here you can find your page rank and Alexa traffic rank, and pages indexed. It also highlights any technical SEO mistakes your website may contain so you can easily make corrections. For example, a page may have too many H1 tags or the H1 tag may be different from the page title. You may have neglected to put an alt tag on an image, or your webpage may have too few words.

  • You can use this checkup tool to analyze your competitors’ websites as well. If they’re beating you in the Google rankings, here you can find out how so you can use the same tactics they’re using. For example, you can inspect the backlinks they feature, and you can aim for build the same high-quality backlinks as well.

  • Traffic Travis also acts as PPC software. With a keyword list, you can discover which sites are bidding on which particular keywords, and whether they persist to bid on these specific keywords over time. You can find out which keywords attract consistent competition, and you can track how the ads move over Google over time.

Pros of Traffic Travis

Aside from the particular features themselves, what’s really nice here is that all these specific functions can now be found in one convenient package. There’s no need to use multiple programs to do everything that a single program can do. You avoid a lot of trouble and inconvenience when you just use Traffic Travis

What’s more, it’s actually very easy to use. The instructions are clear and intuitive, and the interface is attractive. The information can all fit in a single screen, so you can see how the various SEO factors interact. You can even print out the reports and graph projections to peruse at your leisure, or to submit to clients if you’re an SEO expert working for business clients.

Cons of Traffic Travis

That’s not to say that Traffic Travis is the magic cure-all you need to make your business the absolute best in your industry. It’s a tool, just like calculator. So if you’re an accountant or a mathematician, a calculator can be very useful and it’s very easy to learn how to use it. But you still need to learn your math.

It’s the same thing with Traffic Travis. If you’re determined to do SEO yourself for your website, it is an invaluable tool. But you will still need to learn how to do SEO properly in the first place.

Also, with the free version you will have to deal with the limitations. You can only use it for a limited number of projects at a time, and the number of keywords is limited as well. But you can still download it to familiarize yourself with it, and then you can download the pro version.

That will cost you $97, but it is good value for money so it’s not much of a downside at all. And if you don’t agree that it offers a lot of bang for the buck, you can always use the 60-day money back guarantee.


Try it out. That’s the consensus recommendation of numerous experts and customers. You don’t really have much to lose as it’s free. But you do have a lot to gain if and when it does work for you. It’s like a very detailed map with info regarding the traffic situation and the condition of the road. It can help you get where you want to go very quickly, but of course you will still need to learn how to drive. And in this analogy, learning to drive means learning how to do SEO properly.

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