Google Instant is a search tool integrated into the Google search box. As you begin typing into the search box, results will begin to show below the box. This is a great feature as it speeds up searches, provides intelligent predictions, and this all happens instantly. So, how can this feature assist us in our keyword research?

Let’s say that we are a plumber located in Orange County, CA. We are conducting some keyword research to see what words or phrases that our customers might be typing to locate a plumber in the Orange County area.

We start typing into the search box.


As we type, results begin to appear below the box. The first results are location based from your own location. These are showing cities in SW Florida as this is our current location. We continue typing and the results begin to get closer to our intended search.


At this point, we can see that “plumber in orange county ca” is the top result. ┬áThis means that this is a search term that is used quite a bit and will probably be a good search term to use on our plumber website.


As we continue, our term remains at the top, followed by “plumber in orange county” which could be referring to either California, New York or Florida.


The results are now focused on Orange County.  The bold words are predictions that are being added along the way.


The addition of the bold words now gives us some additional phrases that we now know that people are searching for with relation to “plumber in orange county ca”.

plumber in orange county ca

As we finally reach our search phrase, we see even more phrases with added bold words. All of these phrases should have a decent search volume and we can use these on our website with confidence that the phrases are highly searched.

In conclusion, Google Instant is not the end all place for keyword research, but it is a nice keyword research tool and a very practical start. The search terms that were shown during our search should have a high search volume and will be a great start in our keyword research project for our plumber website. Of course, there is much,much more that is involved in a complete targeted keyword research analysis. But Google Instant can provide some great options to help you get started.